Mobile subscriptions LTV analytics & forecasts platform

A must have solution for any mobile app publisher

Collecting data from all your sources

We'll take care of the data management

Don’t worry about the data delivery.
We use up-to-date ETL approaches to manage data on every step: collecting, normalization and harmonization, calculations, deduplication, filtering. A well-structured pipeline helps to cook data with ease.

Filtered and visualized data

Stay ahead of the curve.
Get the full picture of your marketing spend, actual or predicted revenue in dynamics.
Up-to-date data gathered in one place that helps to analyze marketing results and offer new insights into the business.

Easy-to-read real-time reports

Go smart! With, you can analyze your most recent data across all your sources and generate the latest results for your business. It empowers you to take quick action.

Unique predictions that hit your goals

Give your business a good kick with our Precise UA Optimization.
Our machine learning technology analyzes the continually updated data to predict user’s LTV.

Boost your mobile app profit

With any type of monetization strategy
Subscriptions analytics and reporting
Validation and alerting
Paywalls analytics
Cohort analysis
IAP analytics
Ads monetization analytics

Subscription backend provides businesses with full-stack mobile subscription management.
You can connect your apps to store all the transactional data in one place. It allows to manage users’ premium statuses if needed, immediately react to cancels/refunds/downgrades, and send s2s events to media sources with the purpose of traffic optimization.

How can we help you

  • Fast and easy SDK integration
  • Premium access management
  • Server-to-server postbacks in terms of product analytics
  • Monetization analytics
  • Entice users to come back by providing a personalized experience and offers based on trasactional events
  • Slice and dice your marketing performance by means of geos, sources, campaigns and creatives
  • Make the right decisions faster with the help of predictive analytics.
  • Get full access to your data schema for any AdHocs
  • Flexible pipeline management allows to update schema if needed
  • Enrich your product data with revenue predictions.


“The team helped us make the right call on whether to scale or turn off certain ad campaigns in our ad manager, while using both LTV and ROI metrics, and always guided by smart predictions. We highly recommend their BI system for effective growth!“
Sasha Sergeev
UA Manager
“ brought us great value in terms of providing transparent reliable data in one place instead of running tens of analytical systems simultaneously. The very quick assessment it delivered for the effectiveness of our ad accounts & managers, saved us a lot of time and money.“
Yulia Reznik
Head of Marketing
It’s important for us to find a long-term partner that can give us accurate visibility into our performance and reliable predictions for metrics that matter the most for our growth. We found that at Predicted.
Natalia Bahar
The team is impressive! They genuinely listened to our feedback and iterated on their product quickly. The system is extremely useful for short-term-based subscription UA strategies. (Weekly / Monthly)
Pavel Khmyl
UA Manager

And more

Join now to get early-bird features. We already have a massive backlog loaded with features, such as paywalls and push notification management, product a/b testing and analytics, and AI campaigns management. Just help us add useful new features to the list, which will help grow your business.

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