Effectively convert web traffic into mobile users

Use web or landing pages to increase user understanding of your product or service before they download the app.

Open up new opportunities for growth

Personalized funnel
Advertisers can create an optimized conversion funnel path for users on websites with their own first-party data
ROI optimization
Brands can lead to conversions of more active and interested users
In-app purchase incentives
Combine web promotion with powerful tools such as OneLink, delayed diplinks and smart banners
Meets the requirements
Brands can lead to conversions of more active and interested users
Don't lose users
Seamless deep user links from the site to a specific page in the app will help keep the customer

Web2app flow

A good alternative to SKAN with fairly high attribution accuracy. Convert web users into app users and monetize them the way you're used to.

Web2web flow

Evaluate the effectiveness of web subscriptions and the installation of the app at the banding stage. Get a much higher LTV.

Integration with payment services of your choice


Easy-to-use analytics

Easy-to-use analytics and accurate predicates for decision-making. Predicted.io analyzes your customer data every day to continuously improve your marketing investment strategy.

Unlimited possibilities

  • Sending media sources for traffic optimization;
  • Fast and easy integration provides for rapid expansion of your traffic portfolio.

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