Extract, Transform, Load, Send

Manage your data in one place in terms of reporting and UA-optimization purposes.

Data collection

Attribution (SKAN, MMP)
Media Sources

Attribution data

MMP & SKAdNetwork winning postbacks to link youR user acquisition campaigns to actual revenue and LTV predictions.

Сonfidentiality is a priority

We're fully GDPR and DPA compliant and maintain the most robust certification program in the industry. Be 100% confident that you and your customer data is protected.

Revenue data

Store and keep your revenue data from Appstore, Google Play, Stripe, PayPal, Recurly and other platforms up-to-date.

Media sources

Our API connectors will collect all necessary data about your ads (spend, impressions, clicks, installs) with available split by Ad Accounts, campaigns, ad sets, and even creatives.

Manage s2s events

Define your naming convention and use proper parameters for each system. Send your data to media sources and any third-party services.

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