Unlimited LTV predictions for mobile publishers

No More Guesswork. Only Precise UA Optimization with the help of smart forecasts of key business metrics.

We help your team make the right decisions

Customizable forecast horizont
Choose your payback period 6m, 12m, 24m and more
Value based UA Optimization
Set affordable pROAS level for your campaigns
Fast predictions
Get forecasts in few hours from campaign start

pLTV Conversion Value schema for SKAdNetwork

Ads optimization based on ROAS still available for publishers while using flexible Predicted.io CV schema.

Forecasts for web acquisition campaigns

Figure out the difference between native and web subscriptions. It will allow you to manage your marketing spends more effectively.

Dynamics of key metrics

Give your business a good kick with our Precise UA Optimization. Start making decisions based on expected future results. Tracking the dynamics of your LTV every day is more effective than recalculating the historical value once a month. Machine learning technology analyzes the historical data while combing it with the ongoing results in order to predict user’s LTV.

Intelligent UA Optimization

We combine statistical and machine learning models to make our predictions as precise as possible. Initially, predictions are based on historical data and updated using recent data. New history-free applications get manual benchmarks ready to be automatically updated as soon as the required amount of data is collected.

Your predictions workflow in action

Step 1
Collect all necessary data
Step 2
Join filter normalize
Step 3
Run predictions pipeline
Step 4
Build reports & graphs
Step 5
Figure out points of growth optimize campaigns allocate budget

Know the future value from new cohorts

PreDIcted customer LIFEtime value
Consider the value from every acquired user and their contribution to media sources
Daily adjustments
Get access to daily updated reports to be aware how recent data impacts predictions
validate your numbers
Figure out how what causes volatility of your predictive metrics

Сonfidentiality comes first

Respect your users' privacy - Base your decisions on comprehensive interaction data while preserving customer privacy. The solution gives you the ability to leverage aggregated customers value without relying on the identity.

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