Charge your revenue with ROI and LTV predictions

Get estimations of subscriber’s LifeTime Value for 6/12/24 months and understand app estimated ROI of your marketing campaigns by adding spend data in

How it works

Easy access to revenue data

We can connect your RevenueCat account to our service without requiring a significant time investment from your developers.

Analyze and predict:

We retrieve data from the RevenueCat database and use it to generate a revenue forecast.

Combine attribution & Spend uses revenue data and marketing spend to calculate LTV (lifetime value) and ROI (return on investment) estimates for different time periods, such as 6, 12, or 24 months.


Seamless integrations

Real Time
You can receive updates on your estimates at least 3 times a day.
No SDK needed
Our servers can be seamlessly integrated with RevenueCat without the need for an SDK.
Our solution is compatible with both IOS and Android platforms.

What you get

  • Cohorted marketing reporting in place
  • eLTV, eROI forecasts
  • Validation and alerting
  • Custom dashboards

Confidentiality comes first

Respect your users' privacy - Base your decisions on comprehensive interaction data while preserving customer privacy. The solution gives you the ability to leverage aggregated customers value without relying on the identity.

RevenueCat certified partner

RevenueCat certified partner

As a certified partner, we at offer seamless integration with RevenueCat to help mobile app developers maximize their revenue and grow their businesses.

What our clients say about us


“The team guided us through decisions on scaling or turning off specific ad campaigns in our ad manager with smart predictions on both LTV and ROI metrics. We highly recommend their BI system for effective growth!“
Sasha Sergeev
UA Manager
“ brought us great value in terms of providing transparent reliable data in one place instead of running tens of analytical systems simultaneously. The very quick assessment it delivered for the effectiveness of our ad accounts & managers, saved us a lot of time and money.“
Yulia Reznik
Head of Marketing
It’s important for us to find a long-term partner that can give us accurate visibility into our performance and reliable predictions for metrics that matter the most for our growth. We found that at Predicted.
Natalia Bahar
The team is impressive! They genuinely listened to our feedback and iterated on their product quickly. The system is extremely useful for short-term-based subscription UA strategies. (Weekly / Monthly)
Pavel Khmyl
UA Manager

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