Easy-to-use in-app subscriptions

Get a user-friendly infrastructure with the ability to manage subscribers and provide access to content.

No need to build your own backend

You don’t need to build your own server for receipt validation. Predicted.io takes care of all of it for you! We've developed the complete infrastructure for in-app purchases. All you need is to integrate it into your app.
  • Real-time build-in analytics
  • Fast & easy integration
  • Send callbacks wherever you need

100$/ month. ∞ MTR. Forever.

  • Unlimited MTR included
  • Receipt validation for all platforms
  • Real-time analytics & dashboards
  • Minimal time for integration
  • Validation and alerting
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Fast & easy SDK installation

Seamless integration with StoreKit and In-App Billing frameworks. Tied with Predicted.io backend SDK allows to manage premium access in your app.

Joined data from any source

You can connect your subscribers' data to any of the top marketing, analytics and data platforms in seconds.

Easy transfer from legacy solution

Get the ability to quickly transfer your customer data and get access to historical information:
  • transactions
  • cancels, refunds, billing issues
  • up, down and cross-grades

Synchronizing subscribers

Manage your subscribers on iOS, Android, and Web. We automatically unlock in-app access if the user bought the subscription online.

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