SKAdNetwork - use your 6 bits effectively

Attribute the application installation to a specific advertising campaign without using IDFA

Keep buying traffic from the usual sources

Our SKAN solution makes it possible.

eLTV Conversion Value schema

  • Due to a special mechanism, the eROI for campaigns in the ad account is visible both in the MMP (Appsflyer) panel, and in our dashboard.
  • You cannot refine the user prediction that has changed over time. Attribution stays on the SKAN side.

Events Conversion Value schema

  • You can refine the prediction at any moment, because the attribution is on our side;
  • Every set of statistical data is conveniently displayed on the solution's dashboard.
  • The Ad account will not reflect ROI.

Verify and collect every postback

Collect and standardize postbacks among advertising partners.Our solution will meet all your needs, you just need to do a micro-update in the app.

Null postabacks?No worries!

On our side, we've worked out a solution on how to account for all the real and predictive revenue.

In-depth analytics

Use cross-channel analytics with ROAS and cohort KPI support to grow your app in iOS 14. Get full reports segmented by campaign, publisher, and country.

Choose your way of visualization

Predicted dashboard
A single center for viewing SKAdNetwork enriched data next to your regular attributed settings
Raw postbacks export
You can easily export raw data
for further analysis or
Your 3rd-party MMP dashboard
Assess the state of your campaigns with visualizations in customized charts and Data Canvas charts

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