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Subscription management SDK
In-app Purchases Analytics
Server-to-server events
Predictive Revenue

Find out reasons for your growth or of your stagnation reveals the information you need to make profitable decisions that drive business growth. Be aware of what's happening today, plan for tomorrow and strategize for growth in the future.

Subscriptions management provides businesses with full-stack subscription management. You can connect your apps to store all the transactional data in one place.

Accurate real-time data

You can trust your reporting and see trends of new customers, existing customers, ups, downs and churn and get accurate and real-time analytics.

Data segmentation

We will help you spot which customer segments help drive your subscription growth and which tend to slow it down. Segment your data by gender, location, usage, and other pre-created attributes.

Track your trials and attribution

To grow your business successfully, you need to understand how your prospects became customers. With you can track your trials and attribution also connecting that data throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Trust your financial reporting

We're pretty sure there are inaccuracies in your customized reporting, because ensuring accuracy is hard. We'll make certain you get a full picture of trends related to new customers, existing customers, ups & downs, and churn.

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