Union Apps Web Case Study:  How Web2Web Analytics and LTV Predictions Helped Union Apps Grow the Revenue From Less Than $20K to More Than a $100K For One Of Their Clients

Union Apps Web Case Study: How Web2Web Analytics and LTV Predictions Helped Union Apps Grow the Revenue From Less Than $20K to More Than a $100K For One Of Their Clients

Predicted.io partnered with Union Apps  in November 2022, and since then, we’ve helped them grow their client’s app revenue through smart prediction-based analytics. In this case study, we’ve talked with the Union Apps Senior Product Manager Max Gittsovich about the main marketing challenges and how Predicted.io helped resolve them.

Tell us about your client’s application: what is it used for?

It is a fitness application for stretching that works as your personal trainer. It is also a full-fledged web platform with integrated Stripe and PayPal. We use web analytics and predictions to forecast web traffic and to build our marketing strategy correspondingly. 

What kind of solution did you need for the issues that you were facing?

Our main problem was that we were not able to forecast LTVs (Lifetime Value) for 6, 12, or 24 months ahead. There is some sort of analytics in Stripe, but it is very general. It shows only the common anticipated LTV for a certain period of time and the common user retention. There also was an LTV for the very end but we were not able to predict LTV after 6 or 12 months. So we were looking for a solution that would provide us with detailed analytics for various time periods.

What we also needed was cohort segmentation by channels, time frames, and users. In short, we needed more specific and cohort predictions for very specific time periods.

How did you start working with Predicted.io? Tell us your story

As our client’s app grew, we understood it was time to scale the web and it was time to start using predictions. That’s how we started looking for a partner. We’ve heard about Predicted.io before and we decided to partner with them because of their experience with the web. 

The setup took about a month and throughout all this time, we’ve been communicating with the Predicted.io team in Slack. It’s worth mentioning that the communication was very transparent and quick: there were no downtimes or delays. The team fine-tuned the features for Union Apps from scratch which was great: in this way, Predicted.io felt like a truly custom solution.

It took approximately a month for a setup and another month for customization: during this time, the Predicted.io team was preparing dashboards for customization. When everything was ready and all dashboards started working, we then quite soon saw the ROI forecast. The team then customized the calculation of predictions by coupons (50% off the first payment). Two months from starting work, we’ve got the fully working model.

How did Predicted.io enhance your marketing efforts and analytics?

Thanks to Predicted.io, we’ve become really familiar with numbers and analytics and instantly felt much more confident in operating these numbers. As a result, we almost instantly saw a great increase in needed KPIs – have a look at the numbers:

  • 3X increase in predicted ROI % 1Y due to the use of Predicted.io;
  • Our client’s app had <$20k cohort revenue – it changed to >$100k cohort revenue

As you can see, Predicted.io helped boost the revenue through accurate and cohort predictions in a few months only – and we are really excited to see what’s coming next.

Are you satisfied with Predicted.io services? 

Yes, totally. The product itself is great, but we were also highly satisfied with the quality of communication. We were also able to work directly with the tech team and that facilitated certain processes. So overall, we can really recommend Predicted.io.

Written by v.shulga
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